Yoga therapy is a complimentary modality, carried out on a one-on-one with a person who is unable to attend a group yoga class. Where the student is supported, coached as an individual, towards their specific goals and needs.

Yoga therapy doesn’t claim to “cure” an illness, but allows one to move from a place of dis-harmony towards harmony, creating health and well being from within.
During the first consultation comprehensive case history would be noted.

Starting either seated or lying down quietly on the floor, becoming more focused on/in the body and easy breathing (centring), then onto asana (pose, posture) moving onto pranayama (breathing) and yoga nidra (relaxation), which are all practised according to the person’s capabilities. The student at the end of the session will receive a comprehensive home plan to practise at home.

Class length range between 1-1.15 hrs

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