“The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet”

Lao-Tzu, The way of Lao-Tzu

Commonly Asked Questions:

How does reflexology work?

Reflexology works on the pressure point principal, scientifically applying a specific massage technique to the feet or hands, which stimulates the body’s own healing potential. Scientifically based on the physiological and neurological studies.


What can a Reflexologist tell me about my health ?

As the reflexology session progresses stress cues are evaluated, sensitivity to grip technique application or touch, visual signs, such as knobby toes or a bunion, calluses. Assessment is such that the Reflexologist can target the areas in the body in stress and disease .Whereby applying pressure technique in the appropriate area, provides relaxation on an unique and individual level.


Who can benefit?

Reflexology is suitable for all ages. A complementary therapy used by women during pregnancy. A natural therapic way of relaxation, balancing, harmonising our stresses body in a stressful world. However there are some contraindications, please ask to your Reflexologies.


What can the patient expect to experience during a reflexology session?

At the first consultation (will last about 1 .30 hours, subsequently sessions will last about 1 hour) ,the client will be asked some personal health related questions, Then asked to sit in a reclined chair, feet conveniently placed for Reflexologist to work. Different hands grips techniques will be applied, there will be a deep sense of relaxation after a session, this is not too be rushed.

Why does a reflex or areas hurt?

A treatment should be pleasant, soothing ,calming and relaxing , however there may be some discomfort in some areas ,usually its only fleeting, this indicates that some congestion or imbalance in the reflex.


How many treatments are needed?

Reflexology is no” quick fix”, a course of treatments may be recommended, depending on your body needs. It is also beneficial to continue with a regular treatment, to maintain healthy natural equilibrium.


Why are personal details required?

You will be asked for these personal details so that the Reflexologist can collect enough information to determine your past and present health and lifestyle program (diet), This information is confidential ,between yourself and the Reflexologist.


Will a Reflexologist be able to cure or heal a condition?

Reflexology cannot claim to heal, cure or diagnose, but however this holistic gentle therapy can bring relief to a wide range of chronic and acute conditions, particularly beneficial to stress related conditions, back pain, digestive disorder,high blood pressure, pain reduction,improvement of blood flow, an increased sense of well being, migraine, fertility, sleep disorder and Hormone imbalance.


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